• Quality time together is a priority for Hernandez each day.

    As if his music and advertising careers weren’t enough, Herbert Hernandez has found another way to combine them since 2010: he founded Lakihan Mo Logo (“Make the Logo Bigger”), an idea Herbert Hernandez describes as “a commercial break for people making commercials.” Ad agency talent is brought together in bands for Lakihan Mo Logo, a concert series in Manila that provides a stress-relieving outlet for them.

    Some musicians have been signed as recording artists after performing 58 concerts over the last 12 years. To raise money for seriously ill advertising industry members, Hernandez organized 12 “Rockovery” concerts. Almost as long as Herbert Hernandez has enjoyed success as a musician, he has also gained recognition and appreciation as an advertising executive. As a visualizer and designer at J. Walter Thompson (JWT) Manila, he designed brochures and packaging for their company in 2003.

    Hernandez was promoted to Art Director within a few months, and he would keep getting promoted, now lamenting that he didn’t take adequate risks at the beginning of his career because he was too focused on moving up the corporate ladder. As a Senior Art Director at JWT, Hernandez moved on to DM9 JaymeSyfu DDB after three years. During his six years at DM9 JaymeSyfu DDB, Hernandez rose from the position of Creative Director.


    In 2010, Hernandez won a silver Cannes Lions Festival award for his Mini Cooper “Roller Coaster” poster at the Cannes Lions Festival. At the 2011 Cannes Lions Festival for the Department of Tourism of the Philippines, he won a bronze award for outdoor. In addition to Spikes Asia, Clios, Philippine Creative Guild, Ad Congress Araw Awards, and Tinta Awards, some of his work has won awards.

    Hernandez’s work won Spikes Asia awards, Clios awards, Asia Pacific Advertising Festival awards, Cannes Lions awards, and Ad Stars awards. In 2017, Abesamis and Hernandez decided to start their agency, and GIGIL was born. They boast the world’s largest client list, and they’ve won a ton of awards. According to them, passion and hard work are more important than raw talent.

    The ideas presented by GIGIL often “beg to be discussed,” which reassures Hernandez and Abesamis that their job is being done correctly. They believe brands and ideas must be discussed to move culture, people, and, most importantly, products. They create compelling reasons for people to buy their products. For clients looking to stand out, their calculated risk-taking results in big results.

  • A guide about Herbert Hernandez

    In the Philippines, Herbert Hernandez has created a separate fan base for himself. He is the co-founder of the successful independent advertising agency named GIGI and the lead guitarist for his two popular bands, namely Monnstar88 and 6cyclemind.

    Herbert Hernandez is a multi-talented entrepreneur with many other skills in him, he is also a songwriter for composers. He is also successful in his married life with his wife and three children. The reason for his success is hard work, dedication, and contribution of talent in a proper manner.

    popular musician

    Herbert often thanks God for the talent that God gave to him. He also looks for the perfect opportunity to explore his skills. He created a band to express his talent, then wrote songs for the composer and pursued his long-term dream to become an independent advertising agency. The creative ideas and skills he had for his career made him a successful rock star and co-founder of the advertising agency named GIGIL.

    He shares all the credit he gained with his family and the team around him. They help them to lift to fulfill their careers and dreams. There are many mentors in Herbert’s life because of his success. The followers inspire him to take a chance to succeed; otherwise, he won’t try to take the risk. His father was a mechanical engineer, and his mother was an insurance sales agent. It makes him concentrate on his studies and dream more. He completed his master’s in fine arts and worked as an advertising agent.

    He switched many companies and later started his independent advertising agency as Co-Founder. He always works closely with his well-wishers in the fields of both advertising and music. He prefers to surround himself with people who have complementary skill sets to help him at all times. That may be in your home, work, or music.

  • Going for the best services of albums cover art

    Yes, you read it completely right. One of the important aspects that define any music album is its cover. It is very important to give cent percent dedication while composing any song, but it is also equally important to give it the finest looks for getting out of the shelves at a faster rate. The songs or albums that have lesser sales in the market probably lack the luster or attraction from their respective cover pictures. Thus, the upcoming content speaks in more detail about going for the best cover art and choosing up the service provider accordingly.

    Features for the perfect

    As mentioned earlier, it is very important to go for the perfect service providers to get the finest pieces of cover pictures for the albums. Thus the following features would help you out in making the required selection:

    • Good years of experience in dealing with different designs and thus maintaining a legacy of satisfied customers via high ratings and recommendations.
    • A perfect team of designers to lay down the concept of the cover art and hence execute the same properly as per the demands.
    • Ability to design for different genres of music, starting from rock to pop.
    • Conducts proper market research and study to understand the listeners’ perception and then design something on those lines for perfect satisfaction.

    unique Cover Art

    • Compatibility to get the artwork on different platforms without having to invest extra time on each.
    • A good collection of pre-made templates to accommodate the tastes of the musicians and then reduce the period of going for fresh designs.
    • Customizations available easily on the website to stay dynamic as per the demands from the market.
    • Economic costing of the entire procedure to fall within the budget limits of the clients.

    Therefore, all of these clearly define the need of going for the best service providers and getting your work done at a reduced cost and timeframe.

    Learning the process

    The rest of the process becomes very simple and lucid. All you need to do is follow the given steps:

    • Select any of the given templates or reach out to the design team for your template.
    • Upload your picture to be put up as the art for the cover.
    • Checkout from the process by completing the payment method and then receive the email notification.

    Hence, getting the perfect cover art for your upcoming album has become very easy and effortless. Go for the best and you are sure to get the required number of views, streams, and likes from the target audience.

  • Buy Works of Art for Your Music Album

    There are so many ways to sell your music album, but it is unfortunate that not all these ways work as desired. If you want the music album to be sold quickly and become very popular, then you need to present it the right way. Even if you are a very good singer and you have compiled great songs on your album, the album may not sell as desired until you have presented it the right way. One of the best ways to get your music album well presented to the general public is to give it a very good album. Make sure that the album is well designed as this will add a lot to the acceptability of the album. There are so many outlets that can assist you in this regard and one of the best among them is none other than CAS. This outlet has everything it takes to get you a very good cover art that will help to present your work of art to the world in the most perfect manner imaginable.

    Cover for Your Music Album

    Get custom designs

    You will find so many great works of art listed on the website for sale. You can pick any of them and it will be delivered to you without delay. However, some variations can be made in the design you have chosen so that the final product will be unique for you alone.  The payment proves is very fast. Bear in mind that CAS will never sell its cover art to you until you have made payment upfront. Patronizing this outlet will prove to be one of the best decisions you have ever made in a very long time and you will find yourself coming back of more. You can even ask the professional to change any of the images or event fonts to perfectly suit exactly what you need.

  • How music video production helps make your event beautiful

    In fact, the music video is a short film that is created for artistic and advertising purposes. Today, music videos are increasingly being used as marketing material that promotes the name of a particular brand. It also includes live footage, and some not even narrative, which are abstract films. It depends on your needs, for example, whether you want to get one with good visual effects or you can choose an abstract one.

    How music video production helps make your event beautiful

    Sometimes product placement is also an important part of music videos, and you should focus on this area. It can be hip hop or traditional, which can be really good for everyone. Using sophisticated technologies like those of Hamed Wardak, you can easily and without problems complete the entire procedure, and this is the most important feature.

    Hiring the right professional

    Next, you should hire a suitable person who has extensive experience in this area. You can contact a company or freelancer knowing that you are in the right place. In this sense, you can connect to the Internet, knowing the reviews that will help you make the right decision. In addition, you should have a detailed conversation that reveals your detailed requirements for them before starting the project. This helps you feel safe because you know that you are in good hands.

    Post-production work

    In addition, there are post-production tasks, such as the need to configure animations, colors, graphics, text audio, etc., so that it works correctly. Make sure the equipment is working properly and helps you get better videos with a smarter touch, giving you a wide smile on your face. In addition, you must take into account the budget and thus get acquainted with how much the work costs after production.

    Choose the right package

    Now you need to choose an executable package that will help you manage a good budget as you like. In addition, they must follow the latest trends that make their videos special with all the interesting features. Thus, you get the best audiovisual status and can see all the optimistic attributes.