A guide about Herbert Hernandez

In the Philippines, Herbert Hernandez has created a separate fan base for himself. He is the co-founder of the successful independent advertising agency named GIGI and the lead guitarist for his two popular bands, namely Monnstar88 and 6cyclemind.

Herbert Hernandez is a multi-talented entrepreneur with many other skills in him, he is also a songwriter for composers. He is also successful in his married life with his wife and three children. The reason for his success is hard work, dedication, and contribution of talent in a proper manner.

popular musician

Herbert often thanks God for the talent that God gave to him. He also looks for the perfect opportunity to explore his skills. He created a band to express his talent, then wrote songs for the composer and pursued his long-term dream to become an independent advertising agency. The creative ideas and skills he had for his career made him a successful rock star and co-founder of the advertising agency named GIGIL.

He shares all the credit he gained with his family and the team around him. They help them to lift to fulfill their careers and dreams. There are many mentors in Herbert’s life because of his success. The followers inspire him to take a chance to succeed; otherwise, he won’t try to take the risk. His father was a mechanical engineer, and his mother was an insurance sales agent. It makes him concentrate on his studies and dream more. He completed his master’s in fine arts and worked as an advertising agent.

He switched many companies and later started his independent advertising agency as Co-Founder. He always works closely with his well-wishers in the fields of both advertising and music. He prefers to surround himself with people who have complementary skill sets to help him at all times. That may be in your home, work, or music.

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