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Why is this hillside mansion built by ilio mavlyanov so unique?

Built on unforgiving terrain right below the ridge of the Santa Monica Range of mountains, he did it by designing a spectacular residence that made the most of the wonderful vistas. When it comes to constructing luxury houses in and around the Los Angeles area, hillside construction might be one of the most challenging challenges to surmount. Along with the 78 piles that are incorporated into the home’s foundation, the property has a wall that is 20 feet high and surrounds a significant area of the house. This was done to ensure the property’s structural soundness. Ilio Mavlyanov contacted Ferrugio Design + Associates, a design firm based in Los Angeles, to match the work of Jay Vanos. Ferrugio Design + Associates has an extensive range of assets residential development and global spaces aimed at creating a sense of high functionality. Ilio Mavlyanov wanted to match the work of Jay Vanos. Joseph Ferrugio and his crew steal the spotlight as soon as you approach the property with an immaculate seven-foot-tall iceberg chandelier that is designed to show off the towering 26-foot heights in the main two living spaces of the home.

ilio mavlyanov

Extra amenities for dwellers

Ilio Mavlyanov hired Bali Construction, a union contractor that specializes in civil heavy construction, for the project’s public and street work, which included bringing utilities such as sewer lines into the society from another street. For this part of the project, Ilio Mavlyanov hired Bali Construction.

A built-in subterranean carpark and a towering atop open-air deck complete with its own outdoor bar for genuine under-the-stars entertainment are just two of the structure’s luxuries that can be discovered beyond the base of the building. In addition, there is a residential elevator in the building. The outside of the home has a one-of-a-kind infinity pool with its own tessellates spa, which reveals the greatest views the property has to offer.

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