Sports and decontracting massage: benefits and techniques

Sports massage helps to prepare the muscles to face sports activity and exercised before the start of training sessions or an important competition, or even during the muscle recovery period, helps reduce pain, aches and cramps and can even prevent dangerous injuries. Visit a spa in Frisco, TX

A quick massage at the end of the activity helps to relax tired muscles and provides a regenerating effect. To facilitate the relaxation and relaxation of stiff muscles, it is very useful to apply a warm towel before the massage and use a witch hazel-based lotion mixed with 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. It is possible to practice sports massage through the  more traditional manual massage techniques , but also, alternatively, with the use of a modern massage gun , a device increasingly used among professional athletes, instructors, coaches and physiotherapists from all over the world.

Manual sports massage techniques

Let’s see in detail how to proceed with the manual techniques:

Before starting, cover your back with a warm towel. Begin massaging from the upper back with a series of firm full-hand compressions. To increase the pressure, bend your torso slightly forward. Continue slowly moving down the back . At the end of this first preparatory phase, remove the towel.

Switch to massaging the area between the shoulder blades by exercising quick but short movements and maintaining a constant rhythm. These movements are essential to stimulate circulation and to promote the mobility of the cervical portion and shoulders .

With the cutting hands proceed between the shoulder blades with alternating but decisive strokes and at a constant pace.

Quickly rub the sides of your hands back and forth moving from shoulder to shoulder ( so-called saw movement ). This movement, by heating the skin and stimulating blood circulation, will help to relax the muscles and improve their elasticity.

After the treatment on the dorsal area go down to the feet . Supporting one with one hand, closing the other hand, without over-tightening, is starting to rhythmically tap the plant. Then switch to the other foot.

Dwell with a lot of emphasis on the massage of the lower limbs, from whose well-being derives vigor and stability for the whole body of the athlete. Begin to perform a quick brushing, hand on hand, from the ankle to the buttock and repeat this rising movement at least three or four times.

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