Stuck halfway while traveling? Then know how to change the tyre

If you do not drive frequently, in case if you have any trouble with the tyre then leave it to the mechanic. If your partner drives the car more frequently, you may believe it is their responsibility to change the tyre. The “flat-tire” problem, can happen to anyone, at any moment. So be conscious while driving. You can also use Tyres Marrickville in the city garage.

Look For A Safe Place To Change Your Car Tire: When you notice that your car has a flat tyre, park the car carefully. Find a safe place to park your car, get out, and change the tyre.

Turn On the Parking Lights: By turning on the parking or danger lights, you are notifying other drivers.

Park Using The Hand-break: Pull the hand-break to its highest position to park the car. This ensures that the car remains locked in place while you apply force to change the tyre.

Take off the wheel covers: Wheel covers cover the majority of the car tyres. These must be removed before you can change the flat tyre. Refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this.

Driving in the snow is dangerous.

Half-Loosen The Lug Nuts: The lug nuts should only be loosened halfway before using a jack to lift the car because if you lift the car first, the tyre will continue to rotate.

Use wooden boards to secure the jack: Locate the jacking point beneath your vehicle. This is where the jack should be attached to the vehicle. Place the wooden boards beneath the jacking point and secure the jack to them.

Completely remove the lug nuts: Remove all of the lug nuts by completely unscrewing them with a wrench.

Change the flat tyre: Remove the flat tyre from the frame and replace it with a spare.

Tighten the lug nuts and replace the wheel cover: This is the final step in repairing a flat tyre. Lower the vehicle by screwing the lug nuts halfway. After the tyre has made firm contact with the ground, remove the jack and wooden boards. Replace the wheel cover and tighten the lug nuts.

Keep all of the tools in the car safely, and then resume driving after checking the tyre pressure. If you don’t have a tool in Australia, take your car to the nearest city garage and change the tyres Marrickville. The flat tyre should be repaired as quickly as feasible as well.

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