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Becoming a successful person in life is not an easy task. You may even have many talents but working on the right strategies to attain the right position in this competitive world is significant. Many people when it comes to choosing a career or passion, they always prefer for the career to have a settled life. But do you think a life without taking any risks is interesting? The answer is No. Also, only a few people get to succeed in both their career and passion. The best example is David Milberg. He is a well-known talented person in New York City. He has reached great heights in the financial world and also pursue his passion for theatre arts to the day. If you are more interested in learning about his life, then read further below.

His college and early career life:

In 1986, he completed his Bachelor’s degree and started his financial career later in 1987. He worked as a financial analyst in Bankers Trust Company. With his skills, he has developed the business by offering loans to large businesses and he was promoted for his great work for the company.

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Milberg wanted to earn second graduation MBA and so he left the company and moved to Columbia Business School. He had performed well in all four semesters and became the top on the Dean’s list. Next, he joined the Lehman Brothers a premier financial service company as a summer associate. With his outstanding performance in the company within a few years, he was given the position of Vice President.

But he left the company because of his father as he wanted to contribute his work for their family factoring company. His father asked to join his company and promised to make him a President within a few years. As his father said, David Milberg has become the President of Milberg Factors, Inc. Later, he stepped down and he now is currently an active member of the company making many crucial decisions.

Theatre arts experience:

Many would know about his financial career but he has a great passion for theatre arts. While studying at Princeton University he actively participated in the various arts program. He performed, directed, and works to cast people. Even he took a break to pursue his passion.  So, he is successful in both his career and passion. By reading this, you may get inspired by his story that helps you to grow further in your life.

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