Important Cleaning Advice for Mr. Coffee Maker

Because they are not dishwasher-safe, the plug and water cord shouldn’t be immersed in water or any other liquids. Refrain from using heavy soap because it may leave a lathered taste in your next cup of coffee. If there is significant mineral or dirt build-up, repeat the entire procedure to remove the beverage’s rich, delicate flavour. When resetting a device, don’t unplug it; otherwise, you’ll have to start over. The light will also continue to blink. Visit for more information.

Coffee Clean Light to Blink

How Do You Clean a Mr. Coffee Maker?

A clear, flashing light can only let you know that your coffee maker needs extensive repairs. Here’s how you should get started:

  1. Clean up the coffee residue from your sink. The carafe should then be cleaned with warm water and dish soap. Allow it time to rest. Rinse with fresh water after that.
  2. The lid of your coffee maker is in charge of keeping a lot of heat inside of it. Stains and mineral deposits are thought to thrive and spread best in this environment. It also includes a spray head. Use just a delicate cloth or a piece of sponge to clean the lid. Don’t put too much strain on. If you don’t, your machine will get scratches.
  3. Eliminate the filter basket. Ensure that you remove anything inside. Store beneath the faucet to eliminate odours. Use a dish soap solution to clean your filter basket. Re-insert it after rinsing it off.
  4. To clean the spout or carafe, use dish soap in conjunction with a sponge and towel. Make sure there are no deposit leftovers before you rinse it with clean water. When finished, return to the starting point.
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