What’re Cannabis Concentrates? How To Rightly Consume Them?

The weed oil cartridges and medicated muscle creams, one can find the cannabis concentrates in many different products out there. The cannabis concentrates are generally the products derived from a cannabis plant, which are processed to keep just the desirable plant compounds (mainly cannabinoids & terpenes), whereas removing an excess plant material or other impurities. The marijuana concentrates generally have the higher proportion of the cannabinoids & terpenes compared to the natural cannabis flowers.

What’s a cannabis concentrate?

The cannabis concentrate is an excess material left on once the plant has gone over this process of removing the unnecessary plant matter when maintaining cannabinoids & terpenes from its original plant. Essentially, this process concentrates plant material in the smaller and gooey substance. The cannabis concentrates are generally more potent because of the high THC levels that average over 50 to 90%, whereas traditional flower comes between 10 to 25% THC.

Whenever any concentrates get extracted from this plant, the primary goal is to keep popular elements with the cannabis, which affect the flavor, potency, and aroma. Both the elements are terpenes and cannabinoids.

How’re Concentrates Made?

The marijuana concentrates are made in the commercial environment with the modern equipment and prepared in the home setting. Mainly they are made in different ways, which includes:

  • Dry ice processing
  • Combining heat pressure
  • Water processing
  • Using flammable solvents
  • Using nonflammable solvents

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The marijuana concentrates have very high levels of THC that will range from 40 – 80 percent of THC amounts. This type of marijuana will be up to 4 times much stronger in the THC content than top shelf marijuana that generally measures over 20% percent of THC levels.

Difference between the concentrate and extract

Most of the extracts are concentrates, however not all the concentrates are extracts. Whereas those terms can be used interchangeably, main difference between the concentrate and extract is how the trichomes are collected. The extracts are a kind of concentrate made using solvents (carbon dioxide, alcohol, etc.) that wash trichomes off its cannabis plant. The concentrates made without any use of the solvents are made using physical or mechanical ways to remove & gather trichomes.

Final Words

Now you know what exactly concentrates are, probably you are thinking wondering how you must consume them. There are chances you already have done so in case you have tried the topical, ate edible and inhaled a vape.

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