Dos and Don’tsOf Mammogram Screening In Middletown

A mammogram is an essential diagnosis means that can be more efficient and secure with appropriate preparation. It is essential to understand what you should and should not do during mammogram screening in Middletownor elsewhere. There are some basic precautions to be taken care of.


  • Clothes: What your clothes are won’t matter in the screening, but during the diagnostic procedure, you need to be able to expose the upper body or torso. So, it is suggested that you wear something that can be easily removed from the top. It would be wise to not wear a one-piece costume for your mammogram screening.
  • Menstruation: There is a myth that circulates that mammogram screening cannot be done when the patient is menstruating. The results of the screening do not vary with or without menstruation. It simply depends on how comfortable you are to undergo a test while you are on your periods.
  • Medications: There is no hard and fast rule prohibiting the intake of pills before the examination. Your regular medications can be taken without any effect on the procedure. If you want, you may even consider taking painkillers like ibuprofen to suppress the pain during the screening.
  • Clinic selection: Always choose a legit clinic to get the test done. Mammograms are important tests, and the results need to be accurate. Choose the suitable clinic for mammogram screening in Middletown according to your priorities.


  • Jewellery:It is advised tonot adorn any kind of jewellery because you will have to remove it before the screening.
  • Fasting: Mammogram screening do not necessitate any kind of diet plan or fasting before the exam. Have enough food like you normally take before appearing for the test.
  • Deodorants and lotions: Dodge the deodorant application step before a mammogram screening. The areas with lotions can appear different under the result and may alter the diagnosis. So, avoid the use of sprays and body creams around the breast area, preferably the whole upper torso.

Early detection is the pivotal aspect of disease detection and treatment. There should be absolutely no causes for errors from your side that could alter your results. Therefore, preparing for the diagnosis is as important as choosing the right clinic.

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