Buying a car from a dealer or private individual: here’s what changes

Buying a used car is always an important and demanding step, regardless of the amount you want to invest in the car.

Considering that in Italy every driver keeps his car for about 7 years, it is important to weigh carefully the purchase of a durable good that is destined to remain with us for a long time and to travel many kilometers, minimizing future problems, annoyances and ancillary costs . And here the main dilemma arises for those who are preparing to buy a used car: buy a car from a dealer or a private individual? Let’s analyze the two options, considering that each has advantages and disadvantages¬†used cars in miami.

Buying a car from a dealer or private individual: here’s what changes

Surely buying a used car from a specialist dealer is by far the preferred solution by Italians, it is no coincidence that out of every ten used cars, nine are bought from car showrooms and professionals in the sector. Relying on a car dealer to select and buy your used car offers a series of protections and skills that are difficult to find when buying the car directly from a private individual. The first and most substantial of these is the official guarantee, i.e. the one required by law. In fact, the consumer code (a series of regulations aimed at safeguarding the acquisition of all goods by ordinary citizens) obliges the dealer to sell the car with at least a 12-month guarantee (which becomes 24 in the case of new cars yet to be registered ). This is certainly the most important aspect that pushes the consumer to rely on a professional, above all considering that a car that has already spent part of its life can easily be subject to future problems and this guarantee ensures the buyer a year of serenity and protection. . Furthermore, it is often possible to extend the warranty to used cars as well (by a further 12 or 24 months in general) upon payment of an additional fee.

In any case, even if the guarantee is mandatory by law, it is always necessary to check all the details and clauses of the assistance contract. In fact, very often, this only covers a few breakdowns and problems and is almost always not extended to the entire vehicle.

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