Where Can You Take A What The Fuck Is Wrong With Me Quiz?

Quizzes are a fun way to evaluate oneself or situations of the world, depending on the genre and niche of the quiz. Earlier quizzed were something that were taken only to evaluate the understanding of either a particular subject or overall syllabus in a student. However, in today’s times, people also often take various online quizzes to evaluate their respective personalities. Some of these quizzes have their basis in deep psychology, while others are just for fun. These quizzes often have bizzare titles to attract a large amount of public and viewers. You can often find “what the fuck is wrong with you quiz” or “what pizza am I quiz” etc. Usually making a quiz requires a lot of effort and proper research however, if you are planning on making and posting a quiz that’s just for fun, you need not put so much thought into it.

Why take an online quiz?

As mentioned above, a majority of quizzes available online to evaluate personality, do not have any psychological or reasonable understanding, then why do so many people take multiple quizzes throughout the day? The answer is simple. These quizzes are a fun activity and a great way to pass time. Moreover the bizarre titles also attract a great crowd. For example if a person takes a quiz that is titled “what the fuck is wrong with me” quiz, then obviously a person would be prompted to click on it at least once. It is not because of the reason that a person wishes to diagnose themselves with any serious or physical mental issue, but because the outcome is usually a quirky and fun response that provides some sort of fun to the person.

Toxic answer

When a person decides to take a bizzare quiz that describes what sort of food item they are Or which fictional character they represent, people usually are expecting a fun response. Some people even try to manipulate the results of the outcome by specifically putting in options they might  not naturally agree with.

One live in such a fast paced world that is constantly moving and evolving. In a world like this something old school like quizzes, is still not only very much relevant but also a fun and popular way for people to pass time. There are also a plethora of other fun activities and games available out there. However, the classics like quizzes and board games remain as popular as ever.

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