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Digital media is greatly influenced by online information. People use the internet to search for information on a variety of topics. They can discover a lot of information on the internet, but they only read the content that is relevant to them. The most common approach to communicating with an audience is through video content. YouTube is a popular video-sharing website with millions of videos. Although there are numerous channels, just a few have millions of subscribers.

When searching for solutions on YouTube, everyone will be sent to the 5-Minute Craft channel. However, few people are aware of the firm behind this popular channel. The firm behind this channel, is thesoul publishing an award-winning digital studio that creates positive and enjoyable content for its audience. This digital studio is the owner of a few other digital channel that are listed below.

thesoul publishing

5-Minute Crafts

The world’s most popular digital DIY brand. 5-Minute Crafts is well-known for its upbeat, humorous, and quirky DIY crafts all around the world. This channel’s videos are likely to stimulate and fire our creative sparks!

Bright Side

Bright Side’s brain-teasing content is as wide and rich as its global audience, featuring fascinating narrated videos that highlight travel and exploration, self-improvement, gadgets, riddles, and pop culture.

La La Life

La La Life is a collection of entertaining music videos that cover a wide range of topics. Every moment has its own soundtrack, which we like hearing!

Slick Slime Sam

Have you ever come across a slime that speaks to you? Slick Slime Sam, to be precise. He’s pink, he’s witty, and he’s eager to assist you with your latest home improvement or life hack endeavor.


In a single day, Teen-Z High School may make you laugh, cry, and grimace! Teen-Z tells amusing stories about students falling in love, making friends, and getting themselves into a variety of unpleasant situations using imaginative animation.

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