Shiiping Containers For Sale

Shipping containers has been providing and maintaining high quality shipping containers for many years. Our in house engineering and project management staff make sure that any container representing the SCF containers logo satisfies customers assumed standards regarding that the quality and capacity of the container is never an obstacle .our team design the product and also manufacture and transport followed by selling or hire containers the customers all over Australia. 0ther suppliers who go for non trade containers that are avoided when shipped to Australia.

Though you have some specific needs for your container our management and repair experts can sort every issue from easy to difficult problematic repair .which includes the list regular stuff such as electrical stuff insulation and air conditioning or roller doors. If we don’t provide it in the store or it’s something different we may get adapted to such containers from other suppliers all credits to our industrial contacts. Ultimately the customer is getting the required features desired that means you aregetting the economical friendly and high quality containers in Australia.

Different Sizes Of Containers For Sale

Container Size- 10 feet

When the capacity is restricted within the space of regular shipping containers 10ft shipping containers also called as small shipping containers are the perfect storage solution. These small units are regularly used for storage purposes such as furniture, electrical gadgets or equipment and accessories placed safely on the destination .They is also alternative substitute for a garden shed or garage shed. They are also useful for storing a different type of things like furniture, any tools, automobile part, clothes packages, files, and gardening equipment it can any other material.

SCF containers

Shipping Container-20feet

There are few good reason the 20feet shipping container is the most known and used onsite storage container solution among our different feet shipping containers. It is re useable, safe, and flexible for travel. Our 20feet shipping containers are made by using weathering carbon steel and robust, safe and climatic proof vessels that safely maintain all the materials inside it. They are one of the most used transportable storage solutions available in for these due to its simple design.

Container with a 20-foot high cube

Everything you feel great about 20-foot shipping container and extra foot 30 cm of height and extra storage capacity is provided .It is safe, robust, and secure, at the same time flexible for travelling and maintain higher quality than other shipping containers in the industry.This is the highest cube form of the 20-foot container which is mostly preferred and well known .it has it’s own specific reasons due to the extra 1 foot in height gives a large amount of storage capacity without increasing the containers size.

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