Looking For Latest Cannabis Cultivars In 2022?

Cannabis or a weed market is one of those markets that has shown resilience to every situation that the global economy has thrown over it, and we are not surprised! People cannot stop having fun, no matter how worse the situation gets on the outside. So, read this article to find 5 hot new cannabis cultivars for 2022.

As predicted by several research organizations, the cannabis market is predicted to be worth close to 25 Billion USD in the year 2022. General retail stores or big organizations keep exploring the market and trying new substances to create a new variety of this addictive substance.

5 Latest Cannabis Cultivars For 2022


This strain has been gaining popularity over the past few months. It is a mixture of some of the most popular strains like Blueberry, Gorilla Glue, etc. It is a myrcene dominant variant, which is why it would be safe to consider Glueberry as an Indica Dominant strain.


It is another popular variant receiving a lot of interest from high age teens. It is popular for being packed with various flavours, like a glass of lemonade. Orangeade is made with Tangie and Purple Punch. You can consider Orangeade as a perfect mixture of Indica and Sativa variants.

Grapefruit Durban

Grapefruit Durban is one of the strongest strains in the market. Being used widely by people from all over the world. It consists of THC in the range of the mid-20s going as high as 30%. It is a Sativa dominant variant, making it best for its uplifting and energizing effects.

Gorilla OG

Gorilla OG is a work of art in the field of strains. It is an Indica dominant variant filled with various flavours, which makes it very addictive when consumed. It is a mixture of GG#4 and Mango Kush variants.

Strawberry Cookies

It is another popular example of a perfect mix of flavours and cannabis. You’ll find the strawberry cookies extremely delightful to use. It is an Indica dominant variant and helps with anxiety and pressure.

These are 5 hot new cannabis cultivars for 2022. A fan would go ahead and try and them all one by one, and decide on his own, which of these strains deserve to be on this list.


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