Importance of having short videos on the YouTube channel

YouTube is the most relevant video platform worldwide in addition to being the second most used search engine in the world after, however, it is not only enough to have good content to have a successful YouTube channel, but we must also have taking into account how users interact with and consume TheSoul Publishing content, one of the main factors that we must take into account is the duration of the videos.

The ideal YouTube video has a duration of 2 to 5 minutes, if the video has that duration it is very likely that the user will see all the content watch the video until the end, remember that people do not have much time and a very long video can make them lose interest in the content, for example if we have a very long video 30 minutes for example we can “split” it into small parts for example 6 videos of 5 minutes each in Ihis way we increase the chances that users will see all of our videos, in addition to the fact that the loading time will be much shorter which will allow them to be seen in better quality or simply that the loading time will be shorter.

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Another alternative if you have a long video we will continue with the 30 minute example is to place only the first 3 or 5 minutes of the video and place a link in the description part of the video where people can see the full video this link can point to a capture page, sales letter or article from our blog, remember that YouTube can be a relevant source of traffic for our website but this will only happen if our videos are correctly optimized.

Short videos are less vulnerable to user interruptions as well as easier to remember since the user can continue to watch them in the future, for example it is easier for a user to search within a 5 minute video for the location or time where it left off to continue watching it to the user having to search a 30-minute video for the exact moment where they left off to continue watching the video.

In addition to having a short duration time, we must also take into account other factors such as placing a call to action it is very important that the call is aimed at performing a single action, since if we give the alternative that the user performs two or more actions the conversion rate will decrease considerably.

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