How to become what you really are!

Life isn’t fair to anyone, all of us fight, but few of us choose to make a mark in the world by transforming into leaders to end a problem. The leaders act as guiding lights to the future generations.  The transformation of a common man into a social activist requires a lot of courage and determination to stand against few and fight for thousands of victims. Let us know about one such powerful man, Richelieu Dennis now.

Who is he?

Richelieu Dennis is the founder of sundial brands. He was one of the survivors of the war that took place in Liberia. He flew to America, where the tiny steps of business began. It started as the startup as a means to survive, but destiny had bigger plans. Today sundials brand is one of the renowned brands in the world. He was one among those who contributed to the removal of the seed of discrimination by introducing skin products for blacks at a time when their lives were not valued. Today the 52-year-old founder’s net worth is estimated to be $400 Million.

What lays a ladder to such success?

The word “success” is overrated. It is defined as achievement of goals, well is that a wrong assumption? Well, it is. The true meaning of it is self-satisfaction that comes from eliminating a prevalent issue. The removal of an existing obstruction requires perseverance and self-belief.

Richelieu dennis

Perseverance and self-belief

The ability to continue doing an act without loss of enthusiasm and excitement though there aren’t any visible sights of fruits is perseverance. Many give up due to a loss of zeal to achieve dreams due to delayed progress. Patience and excitement keep the soul shining and ultimately hit the target.

Self-belief is one such survival imperative, that is in a negligible amount in most people. That is why people complain more often than to share gratitude. The lack of trust makes one settle for mediocre professions by restricting exploration of true potential. When you know how far trust in oneself take, you wouldn’t take a back step from the persuasion of passions.

What did you understand?

Determination to accomplish a standard requires perseverance and self-belief accompanied by a proper plan and execution without the fear of failure. Failures and success are the same for a motivated human because failure means the extraction of learning possibilities to implement a better plan, whereas success means the executed plan worked for deletion of social germ and established healthy vision.

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