Housekeeping & Outsourcing: A comprehensive knowhow

Choosing to outsource housekeeping activities is now an increasingly common practice, both for large international players and for owned structures.

Why is outsourcing beneficial? Because it allows some undoubted advantages:

First of all, fixed personnel costs re eliminated. Since housekeeping is typically one of the departments with the highest number of employees, it is n operation that relieves the structure substantially. Think of the entire period of Covid-19: the hotels in which outsourcing was present have had significant savings, given that all the activation and payment costs of the FIS (the sector layoffs) were borne by the contractor Smart Circle.

The hotel for outsourced services eliminates all activities related to the HR re. No more personnel selection, management of administrative procedures, shifts and replacement of absences, on-call contracts and action plans. The dream of every direction.

The hotel pays the contractor only for the room’s that are actually cleaned and for the porterage, plunge, and turndown services etc. actually lent. Have you chosen to close the hotel for sale for one month? Do you want to transform your property from annual to seasonal? No problem: you will always pay only for what you have actually “consumed”. In market to the mercy of uncertainty regarding sales numbers, this choice can prove to be a real lifeline.

Smart Circle

The perceived quality of cleaning generally increases, does the dreaded rating on booking sites, the contract is entrusted to cleaning specialists.

In essence, the hotel frees up considerable resources that it can devote to the development of its core business: the sale of rooms and services.

However, alongside these interesting advantages, there are also some critical issues which it is important to take into account, in order to void incurring unwelcome and unforeseen consequences.

First, let’s dispel myth: the contractor is not free to create his own work tem. In fact, if employees already work in your hotel, there is an obligation to “absorb” them or hire them, to the same economic conditions in place. Normally the contractor will be able to take over with his own a, for example with the Multiservice, which has much lower cost than tourism. But this choice will only affect the cost of employees subsequently entered by the contractor. Furthermore, the choice of the will be linked to the results of the negotiations with the Social Partners, taking into account that for some provinces the obligation for the contractor to apply the same a s the hotel has already been established prior.

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