Four Best Blockchains To Mint Branded NFTs on

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs have become immensely popular in the past five years. NFTs have been in existence since 2010, but their sudden boom in popularity has made them grand social phenomena. Due to their sky-rocketed fame, many people have decided to try their luck in the NFT market. But selling them is not as simple as it may seem. You must mint your artwork on a blockchain before trying to sell them. So, which blockchains should you consider forMint Branded NFTs?

Let’s find out.


Ethereum is the most popular blockchain for anything NFT related. It is one of the oldest blockchains, with over a million transactions each day. Its supported consensus is PoW (or Proof of Work), supports diverse,intelligent contracts, and is an excellent choice for minting NFTs. The Ethereum blockchain is home to some of the most popular NFT collections worldwide. This popularity helps new artists to mint branded NFTs and sell them smoothly.


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The Polygon (previously MATIC) is a blockchain technology currently running on the Ethereum network. The primary purpose of creating Polygon was to reduce the coagulation on the Ethereum blockchain. Its supported consensus is PoS (or Proof of Stake), which provides scalability, currently missing on Ethereum. This feature helps it reduce the sky-rocketing price of using the Ethereum blockchain, making it an excellent choice for people looking forward to minting and selling their NFTs at the lowest costs possible.


Solana is the most preferred blockchain for minting NFTs as it provides the lowest gas fee among its competitors, making it an ideal choice for people with small funds to Mint Branded NFTs. Its supported consensus is PoH (or Proof of History) which increases scalability, resulting in a low gas fee. Solana has developed its network significantly over the past years with many reputed partnerships.


Cardano is yet another impressive blockchain with a large user base. It is an open-source project founded by the co-owner of the Ethereum blockchain. Supported consensus is PoW (orProof of Work) that prioritises increasing scalability and focusing on regulatory compliance. Low gas fees and growing popularity make it a reliable choice minting and selling NFTs.

NFTs have officially taken the world by storm. Naturally, people will show interest in the whole ordeal. But choosing the ideal blockchain for minting and selling NFTs can prove to be tough. Fortunately, loads of blockchains exist in the market with their own sets of unique and exciting features, so you can be sure to choose the ideal one for yourself.

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