Bubble Bong Basic Construction

Bubble Bong Basic Construction is a viral game many people played as children. You provide your materials and construct the basic shape of the bubble bong. It is usually made with a plastic bottle as the primary container, but variations are also made from old drink glasses or other materials. There are two main goals for this game: making bubbles in the bottle out of soap and blowing them into a bubble bong which you fill with water for fun. The rules for this activity vary depending on age group or how competitive you want to be. Playing with a bigger group will require more skill, but you can all compete to get the giant bubble. Playing against another person instead of alone will add more fun and excitement to the game.


When playing this game, challenge yourself and others to see how big a bubble you can blow! Some kids may question the safety of this game. Although you are not recommended to drink bubble juice, Bubble bongs are fun activity for children. The bubbles created from mixing dish soap and water contain less than 1% soap and can be blown out by simply exhaling air. However, it is still recommended to use warm water instead of cold or hot water so that your soap bubbles will form faster.

Bubble bongs

There are also many variations of this game; in some variations, you may use a full bottle of soap attached to the top half of your bubble bong. It is not recommended for this activity because the suds can block the airflow or cause the bubbles to break when breathing. If you decide to use soap in your bubble bong, make sure that you mix other ingredients, such as ketchup, for colour.


Suctioning is a significant part of getting the bubbles from the bottle into your mouth! It would be best if you made sure that there were no air leaks or holes in your bottle’s walls before blowing bubbles. If your bottle has cracks, taps, or other holes, you cannot make good bubbles. If you are using a plastic bottle with a straw already, this is not an issue. If the seal between the bottle and the cap is poor, the bubbles may break when inhaling them through your mouth. A quick way to test if this is happening is to blow gently into the open end of the bottle; if bubbles form near your face, then there are no tweaks, and you can begin blowing!


One way to ensure a good seal between the bottle and cap is by heating the plastic before attaching it to the top of your bubble bong.

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