Zombie reddy hits the screen and ott platform

Most of the movies made in Peninsular India are contagious. In the last decade, South Indian movies are making a mark in the domestic industry and now can reach the globe. In recent years, the South Indian cinema can engross the interest of many film aholics because they have delightful and captivating scripts that are raw and complex and diverge from conventional cinema groaner. As we go through yet another week of the lockdown, movies have been keeping and bringing us an escape to tackle the boredom and giving a platform to explore various. So perhaps, at this time, let’s try some movies from South India? Films in which actors like Vijay Sethupathi, Dhanush, NivinPauly, Dulquer Salman, Parvathy Thiruvothu, among others, can increase their fan-base recently. There are many latest Telugu movies online on aha app.

Zombie Reddy, a 2021 Indian Telugu-language comedy film, rated as 7/10 on IMDb, having 96% google users liking the movie was released on February 5 is directed by Prasanth Varma, having the main leading actors SajjaTeja and Anandhi under the banner of Apple Trees Studios.

Put in the background of the strife in the middle of two villages in Rayalaseema, the movie heeds a gang of friends who reunite two families in the middle of a zombie attack in that area. The beginning shots ofthis movie are depicting a sight to witness. At a place in Rayalaseema, a bird flying over a temple gets struck by lightning and thunder. You can call it a stroke of luck or a miracle that the bird somehow survives. Now here, this functions as both a sign of a fictitious component in the storyline and also we can say as a prompt that when struts are at the top, then there will be a divine interruption all the time as a standard plot point in the Telugu action dramas just like this. Eventually, there is an immense combination to the dramatis personae in this script which is the attack of the zombies, and no less than a miracle could stop the half-dead walking creatures to restore peace and harmony. While this is the first-ever zombie movie in Telugu cinema, and for its credit, it did a fairly good job, be it in simplifying the storytelling to the bare essentials that were able to make it go globally eminent. Check zombie reddy movie online on aha.

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