Know why is face to face to marketing is effective

Several companies have always believed they can effectively influence and engage your customers through face-to-face marketing. Some research proves that face-to-face contact establishes a higher level of trust, is considered more credible, is more productive, and is more efficient and effective than any other form of Smart Circle marketing. Engaging customers in a live brand experience is beneficial for several reasons.

  1. Consumers become distracted by other influences when only traditional or digital advertising is available. You may find that they are watching something else during a commercial, or they may even fast-forward through your message and skip it altogether. Using social media to reach different target audiences is a great way to reach different audiences, but your message can get lost in all the clutter.
  1. A live brand experience allows brands to engage consumers with all five senses. Live brand experiences allow brands to create a more meaningful connection with consumers. Furthermore, face-to-face marketing allows brands to respond to consumer feedback and cues, tailoring messages to specific individuals, creating unique and personable experiences.

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  1. A face-to-face marketing campaign offers the best means of creating an engaging, meaningful experience. By doing so, brands can build a relationship with their customers that lasts long after the event has ended. Mostly consumers experience and information helps to change the consumers’ minds to take decision on buying.
  1. Having built a relationship with your customer through Smart Circle face-to-face marketing, they are more likely to share their experiences with their family and friends. Approximately 80% of consumers report sharing their experience with friends or family, and their top two purchase-influencers are their personal experiences with products and recommendations from friends and family.

Face-to-face marketing programs enable companies to create deep emotional connections with their customers, enabling them to acquire and retain customers to a greater extent, while lowering the cost of acquisition and retention of customers.

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