How to filter the pool

In a built-in or above-ground pool, the filter process is used to renew the water in the pool. With the use of skimmers, nozzles, sand or cartridge filters, algae destroyers and filter pumps, the filtering process is the necessary prerequisite for crystal clear bathing water without impurities so it is necessary to shop pool and spa supplies and other such important products.

The water in the pool area is cleaned up daily. Sometimes even many times it is cleaned in a particular day for crystal clear water without impurities and in order to avoid stagnation of the water as well as the accumulation of dirt and bacteria and the resulting  lack of hygiene . This takes place in the form of  filtration cycles. The water in that place is cleaned via a sealed circuit so that it is completely distributed within a specified interval of time. It is determined by the  pump , the size of which is selected depending on the pool size . The  movement created by this  filtration prevents any stagnation. That  filtration plays an important role in pool water cleaning and pool maintenance with various products including chlorine ,  bromine , or  algae control products, etc.

The  pool cleaning  is very important: Nets , Pool robot  and pool vacuum regularly, if not daily used. All  pool types  must have a filter: inflatable pool, self-supporting swimming pool , wood or steel wall pool and  built-in pool.

The filter cycle of a pool  consists of various components. The pool water is first sucked in by the skimmers or by the pump in the area of ​​the  floor drain  . The sucked in water is then filtered through a sand filter , an algae filter, a  cartridge filter  or, in the case  of above-ground pools,  a  sock filter . The filter capacity of these filters is expressed in microns. Via the  return nozzles the filtered water is fed back into the basin after it has passed through the disinfection system. The hydraulic circuit can have additional devices, such as a   pre-compressor  – with negative pressure -, an  electrolysis system  or a  salt chlorinator . The pump and the filter can be  combined by installing a  filter system. This has the advantage that installation is quicker.

The filtration depends on the water volume, the filtration capacity of the filters, the frequency of use and the water temperature. The better the water is filtered, the lower the required use of disinfectants. The pump and other pool accessories are  housed in a technical room in the case of sunken pools  , so the filtration time varies. In order to function properly, a certain duration must be observed. To illustrate this, it can be said that pool water with a temperature of 24 ° C requires a filtration time of 12 hours.

During the summer, the pool water must be filtered several times a day in uninterrupted cycles. Although the filtration depends mainly on the weather and the water temperature, the water must always be filtered when the pool is used.

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