How To Choose The Best Home Additions

With advancements in technology, general use lights are getting out of trend due to the higher power consumption and thicker mounts they require. So, the latest one that is gaining popularity is LED lights. LED lights use very low power and help in energy conservation while also proving the same bright lighting as their older counterparts. They also come in various shapes, colors and sizes. So, the use of home additions, fixed wall mounts, LED tapes, etc.,of zenith design + build can provide proper ambient lighting to your rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms with minimum power usage.

Different types of LED lights


LED lights come in various shapes like square, triangle, circle, hexagon, super slim, and ultrathin-shaped mounts, which can be put up almost anywhere. So, choosing the best design based on the location can help in providing a very aesthetic look. For example, choosing an ultrathin LED for under-cupboard LED lightingis optimal for working.


LED lights are available in multiple temperatures of white. Multicolour LED lights are also available, and the color can be controlled with a knob. Some lights also have an RGB remote to set the ambient color for the room or workspace.

zenith design + build

Mounting finishes

In addition to the variety of designs, there is also a variety available in the LED mountings. Mountings range from various metals as material, and surface texture includes matt, brushed, polished and smooth finishing. And almost all combinations of material and surface finish are available for the mounts. A simple LED strip with double-sided tape at the back mounting is famous for interior decor and is primarily used for under-cupboard LED lighting. Its thin design and DIY setup are what make it popular.

Other features

Advanced sensors for providing better control of the lights is a feature that can be used with LEDs but makes it costly. The use of motion sensors for using dimmer lights at night is one use of sensors. The kitchen is the most vital group in your home so it is extremely natural that you will have a go at something different to make it amazing and gorgeous. Kitchen zones are more than exactly where you set up your suppers. Therefore, to make a cooking territory more appealing it has turned into a pattern to introduce cheap kitchen cabinets in the kitchen.

LEDs are available in various shapes, colors, mount shapes, and textures and are more efficient than fluorescent lights. But with the variety available, finding the right combination for the right spot is made difficult.

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