Face-to-Face Marketing, Trade Show Marketing, and Event Networking

How many more of your clients do you see each week? What is the message that your brand sends to them? How do you feel about your chances? According to Smart Circle international, “Every second of every day, you must perform the most productive thing possible. You need to get your goods in front of those who CAN and WILL buy it.” Let’s face it; we’re so preoccupied with our iPhones, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In that we’ve forgotten about a simple but highly successful form of communication: face-to-face conversation! In today’s competitive environment, face-to-face marketing is a must.

You never know how a firm handshake, a smile, or a remark can leave an impact on someone’s mind. In the end, people still buy from other people. True, social media and branded emails have a place in the company, but they can’t take the place of good old-fashioned face-to-face marketing! Here are three simple business ideas to get you started before the end of the year:

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  • Participate at a trade show: Find one that suits your company’s needs and get out there to meet your clients and prospects! Get out from behind the table and work the show. People will purchase from you. Make a statement!
  • Attend a new networking event and set a goal for yourself: Make five new acquaintances and maintain contact with them. Have a meeting with them for a cup of coffee or a meal to get to know them better. Learn about their company and how you may assist them.
  • Make an impression: Get out of the office and see your customers. My company’s CEO stopped by Starbucks the other day to have some coffee and a croissant before dropping by a current customer. That’s how you create a relationship!

Business is all about relationships especially it concerns it. Make it happen, and have a fantastic fourth quarter! Develop, nurture, and provide for them. Meeting people face-to-face is the key to effective, low-cost marketing. Begin by visiting industry headquarters, investigating networking events in your area, and becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce.  Best wishes for ongoing success with your foreclosure cleaning company!


Smart circle international is one of the strategic providers of trade show displays, event planning and marketing, and core public relations services. It is well-positioned to help businesses reach their marketing objectives across various channels, from custom trade show display design and fabrication to very cost-effective trade show display rentals, with over two decades of industry experience.

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