Who is Hamed Wardak?

Hamed Wardak is a philanthropist and has spent his whole life doing many good deeds of rescuing refugees, children and those were in dire need of help. And by that, he created quite a journey of his life.

Early life

Hamed Wardak attended Georgetown University, after completing his schooling and got graduated as a valedictorian of his class in 1997 with a degree of BA in Government and Political Theory. He was honored as Rhodes Scholar-1997, this was only awarded to the students who showed excellent levels of integrity and passion, with lots of compassion for their fellow people and those who were in need. Only 32 students get that award per year and Hamed Wardak was one of them.

He was successful in the business world, that is why, Merril Lynch hired him, in their mergers and acquisitions department. There are handled all the high profile cases because of his reputation in the business world. He was so good, that Technologists, Inc. was quite impressed by him and then hired him as their Managing Director. Technologists, Inc. It is a company which used to handle both the private and public sectors.

Businesses that made way

At Technologists, Inc. Hamed Wardak eventually made his way into his own business and launched his clothing brand by the name of Ludas Athletics. He also worked as an author for Huffington Post, where he mainly wrote his life experiences which might help many aspiring business enthusiasts.

His one great lesson for business was, to hire the best of best in talent. Many people have many great and different skills, but it is the main task to pick what skill exactly is needed which would provide benefit to both the parties.

Valen of wicked 

He creates and produced his style of techno music. This name means everything you need. Wardak says that he was highly influenced by his past and wanted to share it with the world, hence he chose quite nicely what characters and people who would share his music taste with the people.

The main purpose behind producing this music was to create exciting and grabbing sound which would hold people in one go and move all the emotions inside. Wicked always doesn’t mean bad, it is a combination of clever and smart mental ability which becomes a powerful way of communication with all the people of every color and creed.

His music helps lots of depressed people to heal in a very innovative and spiritual manner on a much deeper emotional level, it has abled people to do catharsis and remove the depression, sadness, and deeply wounded heartache. Catharsis or talk therapy is the most powerful means of counseling which is always fool-proof, hence his music has paved a way of catharsis into people.

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