Wardak: The Philanthropist At Heart

A helping hand is always open to the needy. It never stops to help using wealth and talent. But, some people don’t have wealth, still willing to help the needy by using their talents. Hamed Wardak is a person with a generous heart and a helping hand using his multitude talents to seek promotion for the welfare of others. He is a man who loves to seek a cause to rescue refugees, children, and those who need help. Hamed spent his life using his intelligence and a multitude of talents. He graduated as valedictorian in college at Georgetown University. He was honored as a Rhodes Scholar -1997. Georgetown University honored 32 students each year with the heart to help improve the lives of others. Hamed showed passion and exceptional levels of integrity that made him belong to those who received incredible honor each year.

Music is a great healer

Hamed Wardak believes that his music can help people who are on a deeper emotional level. For him, music is a powerful self-healing tool. It can keep anyone calm in a deeper emotion like sadness, stress, and heartache. A lot of people can connect to music and it has a spiritual level that can heal any pain. With love and talent for music, he uses it to help others.

Hamed Wardak

A motivated person

Hamed is not only a generous man but a motivated person too. He has accomplished a lot in his life, but never stop to aim more. After an achievement, for him, it is not the end. Hamed believes that achievement is not an ending. He has a list of accomplishments that laddered him as a successful young man. he spent many years with this work, a philanthropic way that saves many lives of refugees and children all around the world. Music is the ultimate source of communication that creates a new sound that shapes and serves what he believes. With his motivation, Hamed has great success with his diverse areas of professional past and present.

Living a healthy lifestyle

Hamed Wardak is also a man in a healthy lifestyle. For him, physical health is very important. He never forgets to start the day with a daily routine of going to the gym. Physical maintenance keeps the mind and body in good condition and shape. Plus, it can energize the entire day. Art is a creative endeavor that is fueled with imagination and talent. It needs to take discipline as well, according to him.

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