Valorant is from the same makers of the iconic game League of Legends. Riot Games developed and published Valorant for Microsoft Windows. It is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooter (FPS) that has become popular. Valorant is the first shooter game of Riot Games. It mashes elements from other games to create a unique experience.

The goal

Valorant is a 5v5 multiplayer FPS game. One team attacks and the other defends. If you are familiar with CS:GO, you will find it quite similar with the main game mode, Search and Destroy. The goal of the game depends on which team you belong to. The attacking team has to plant a bomb or a spike and detonate it. The defending team needs to avoid that. Another way to win is to wipe out the opposing team. Doing this before the other team meets any other winning condition will let your team win at once.

Rounds and matches

There are 25 rounds for each match and each round lasts for 100 seconds. A team needs to win 13 rounds to win the match. Each team will have 30 seconds at the start of each round to prepare by buying weapons and gear. You have to wait for the next round if you die in a round. There are two choices for the main game mode. You can play in either unrated or ranked matches.

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Aside from buying weapons and gears, you can also choose an Agent at the start of each round. Each Agent has different abilities. Abilities include healing allies and making walls appear out of nowhere. You need a good spread of abilities for your Agent to win a match. You can also buy some abilities at the beginning of the round.

Spike Rush mode

This is another game mode which is quicker. It is a best-of-seven-rounds mode with no buying round. Every attacker has a spike equipped. Players have the same weapon and all abilities.


Valorant is exclusive for PC use as of the moment. The lead game designer is Trevor Romleski. He said that they are open to exploring new opportunities for other platforms. For the meantime, they are focusing the game on the PC. They are looking at possibilities of porting the game to PS4 and Xbox One in the future. Or even to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Most players want to reach a specific rank or goal in Valorant. Some use Valorant boost for this purpose.

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