Valen of wicked: a diverse form of techno music produced by Hamed Wardak

People hear valen of wicked, and they know that is Hmaed one is talking about. valen of wicked is a banner under which Hamed produces a variety of techno and electronic music, which has a greater depth into emotions and what is happening across the world. But was Hamed Wardak a musician from the very start? The answer is no! he was a bright student, who then became a bright and successful businessman with philanthropic ventures and then finally into music.

Life before valen of wicked

Before valen, if wicked happened, Hamed was a bright student born in Afghanistan to the defense minister. He completed his bachelor of arts in government and political theory from Georgetown University of Washington. He was a valedictorian of class 1997 and also one of the 32 Rhodes scholars of the same year.


After completing his studies he ventured into his professional career at Merrill Lynch and Technologists Inc. at technologists, he worked with the company to contract various projects that directly benefitted the war-stricken Afghanistan. He also started his business Ludas Athletics to help refugees and people in need in his home country. He was also a contributing guest author at the Huffington Post.

About valen of wicked

When asked about the name of the banner, he simply described it to be an inculcation of what everybody is. valen means to honor and valiance, and wicked means good and evil that is a part of everybody’s life. This gives a fulfilling meaning to what Hamed thinks is life is all about. The good reasoning of being an honored man and person with all the traits that are brought up from his life’s experience.

Valen of wicked is a music producing banner, that encompasses the techno music that can be appreciated by almost every generation. The music created by Hamed Wardak is sustainable and brings environments existence into it. The music he says is a part of his life as it is a representation of his life’s events, memories, experienced, emotions, and people he surrounds himself with.

Music created by Hamed

His music can be categorized as techno and electronic music mixed with flavors of various cultures and countries. He creates his music in a way that can bring others to attend and can also keep them attracted to it as well. His music is diverse, which can bring a diverse group of listeners. He also makes it a point to customize the music according to the listener’s cultural traction and representations. This helps the audience to connect with the audience at a much deeper level.

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