Understanding the Function of Registered Behavior Technician

An RBT is an important credential extended by BACB to paraprofessionals who can execute interventions to promote any socially acceptable behaviors. There are many RBT jobs available that will teach basics of the applied behavior analysis and support the developmentally disabled people, but they should function under supervision of the Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Instead of assessing and designing the program, RBTs introduce the selected behavioral interventions in the clients’ home and school life. They will just help analysts with conducting the behavior reduction, making session notes, nurturing social skills, collecting the progress data, or training clients’ caregivers. The Registered Behavior Technicians have to follow BCBA’s therapeutic laws for reinforcing any desirable actions positively for the clients’ skill enhancement.

RBT jobs

Types of Work Held by the RBT

Virtually anybody working with the special needs children and adults will benefit from practicing Registered Behavior Technician in BCBA’s watchful eye. Even though ABA programs are often associated with Autism, but, these behavioral methods are highly effective with many other disabilities, which include cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, emotional disturbances, or more. Not just is an RBT credential required by the employers who are working with the people displaying any problematic behaviors, but is highly useful for the parents or guardians of the developmentally challenged kids.

In the educational settings, RBTs can function as normal and special education teachers, reading specialists, childcare administrators, school psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. The paraprofessionals can work with the ABA therapists and manage the delivery of the skill acquisition programs for the youth right from the birth to 21.

Final Words

Some RBT’s are hired in the residential group houses as the special needs staff, case managers, nurses, and administrators. The health care facilities may prefer hiring the clinical social workers, emergency medical technicians, pediatric nurses, mental health counselors, home health aides, as well as psychiatric aides with the RBT credentialing.

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