The Most Convenient Debit Card

The virtual transaction is becoming trending day by day. A lot of people from different parts of the world are using the said virtual transaction, including a debit card. Yes, the debit card goes online now. Anyone can create a debit card online and apply for a physical card. Meaning, by applying online, you are creating both benefits. These benefits are creating an online debit card account and a physical debit card.

The new virtual wallet

The white label fintech is the new virtual wallet that has been used by a lot of customers globally. It is a mobile or virtual wallet where you can make online transactions. It offers a debit card and a mobile wallet. To make things clear, a user can create an online account of the debit card. So, it is easy for the user to access the account without a need of visiting the card issuer’s office. A debit card issued by white label fintech is a plastic payment card with cash in it. The user funds the cash by depositing an amount.

Mobile wallet

What is it used for?

Like any other debit card, it has the amount deposited in the card to use for purchasing both online and physical stores. It is the same with the credit card, but there is a difference. The debit card has the money directly transferred from the cardholder’s account after the transaction. It is no hassle, and the user doesn’t need to wait for days before the balance will be available. Meaning, the transaction is instant and real-time.

How to access the debit card online?

Here is a question that every user is aware of. Once you have created the debit card account, you are through with creating an account online. The account you have created online is what you called it the mobile wallet. But, the account can be accessed by installing the mobile app. You can’t check your account if you don’t have the mobile app installed on your mobile. So, for your convenience, install the app and start checking your account 24/7. The same with the other debit card accounts, you can view transactions. But, the user doesn’t need to go to the physical office of the card issuer and ask for it. By simply tapping the mobile app, you will go directly to the interface, and all the transactions you wanted to perform are displayed. If you wish to view transactions, then tap the button “view transaction”, and the rest follows the same.

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