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Are you a working parent, who has to cook, and clean around the house, but you also have to take care of your parents, who are not in their best years. That’s sounds rough, and extremely stressful, and you have zero intention of putting them in a nursing home, because that doesn’t sound right to you. Well then you are in dire need of a care worker, they will help you with your parents and you can still work and check up on them as well. It would be less stressful, and the perfect place is CDPAP. They’ve got a bunch of care workers you can choose from.

Why selecting a good care worker is important?

When hiring someone you can’t hire them straight of the bat, you have to consider a number of factors, after all they are responsible for the patient’s life as you are allowing them to take charge. So if something happens it’s going to be on your hands as you were the one to select them. If anything goes wrong you could be buried with all the guilt you have. So it’s important to choose someone who has the experience, and can be trusted. After all it is another human beings life that we are talking about.


Tips on selecting a good care worker?

Before you think of hiring someone, consider some of these factors and tips, it would make the process less stressful and difficult. One thing to do is check their skills, yes in caregiving licence and certificates are not needed, but it won’t hurt if they do have them. it would mean that they are more qualified and have the knowledge. Next you can check their references and see how much experience they have in this field. And one of the best tips is to go with your gut, observe them, take into account how they behave and talk, and you’ll just know that they are the one for your family.

How much does it cost?

So if you’re doing it with cdpap then Medicaid will cover it for you, but if not then it will cost you around $21 per hour. And a 40 hour week would cost you approximately $840. If you are paying them monthly it can cost you about $3360. If you have insurance or Medicaid then it would help a lot, you can also get financial support from the community as well.

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