Everything You Need to Know about flea collars for dogs

Your Pet Deserves the Best Protection

Electronic a flea collars for dogs may be the newest weapon in the war on dog fleas. Dogs are man’s companions for thousands of years. Dogs serve humanity in ways that can’t be duplicated by technology. Regrettably the parasites our dogs take have plagued humanity too. Fleas are a constant irritant to dog and man as well as a vector for disease. In the past, the best way to find control pests in your pet was supposed to wash and comb them onto a regular basis. However, many of these pesticides also had side effects or were detrimental to the environment. Additionally, a lot of these pesticides were unsuccessful on insects.

From the early 1960s, time-release pesticide technologies were wed to plastics to make the modern pet flea. They were hailed as the cure for all flea issues. They did an excellent job of reducing flea bites on most animals that were under severe and constant attack. They did not fix the issue of flea infestations in houses or kennels.

Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks

Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks

Additionally, the compound caused skin irritation or dermatitis on several animals that were worse compared to flea bites. Also, the flea collars for dogs were most effective only on the front of the dog, causing some individuals to put another collar around your dog’s waist and belly. A tick will crawl the maximum stage on a puppy before taking from the blood meal. This means they’ll attempt to crawl beyond the flea collar on the way into the dog’s head, putting them in contact with the insecticide. This produces the collar a great way to stop ticks but leaves much to be desired when it comes to controlling fleas. All of which cause lots of individuals to consider using a digital flea collar.

Before you put out the cash to get an electronic flea collar, you need to speak with your own dog’s Vet. Most Vets will tell you that the most effective method of controlling a flea collars for dogs is via topically applied flea medication. Most pet owners are knowledgeable about Advantage, Frontline, along with the App manufacturers of flea medication.

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