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We’ve all seen performances in movies cited as big fish eating small fish. This is not a proverb, but a law of nature. We can see an example of this law scattered around us. Even economic news from around the world is no exception to this law. Company news with details of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) confirms the validity of this law.

Previously, only companies outside India expected this. The story now has different tones. Indian companies have made some of the biggest acquisitions. The news channels “Economy and Finance” spoke in detail about these events, which allows us to be proud that we are Indians. Our little steps make big footprints on the world map.

Small fish: it is not always easy for the stomach of large fish

M&A is based on the strategic planning of the buying company. The bets that they decided to accept in another company depend on the financial news and the condition of this small company. This decision is also part of the inorganic growth of the buying company. This is mainly done to diversify an existing business or expand the support functions of an existing business. In all cases, this does not come with easy investments. The acquiring company is sometimes forced to apply for a loan to complete a transaction. The company’s existing balance may be affected if the decision is incorrect. Economic news has analyzed these cases, as they can affect the economy as a whole.

In the past, many business transactions didn’t work and that the company news was bleak. Companies are now more attentive than before. They correctly do the necessary task for such transactions. The acquiring company also carries out a comprehensive legal review of the acquired company so that its financial and legal problems do not become a neck.

economic newsM&A: a need or a trend

These days we see more and more offers of mergers and acquisitions. Does each company find a suitable hand to add to their kitten, or is it becoming a trend? Well, if the level of work involved is met, then it can be said that the opportunities show their blinding at times such as a slowdown or decrease. Only the fittest survive the struggle for existence. Situations such as mergers and acquisitions are well observed at the moment. They take their place in various forms in company news, economic news and financial news. Hopefully, they intend to succeed nationally and internationally, in general in economics and business.

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