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In recent years, there are many books published regarding the coin collections. By referring to the Trade Publication, collectors will know about the industry’s plan about the coin collection. Even they can get the details of the sale for coins and the relevant information. Here is some list of contents that the coin collectors must know.

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Though, Fleur-de-coin is the oldest coin in today’s period. The coin is the combination of Gold and Silver. Lydia is the place where the coin was found in the early days. In the ancient period, the manufacturers designed the coin in one side only. Lion’s head is the design of this coin and it is fixed in an anvil. And also the empty blank piece of the metal was fixed on the die tip & hammer punch in the reverse. A coin with the image of one side and a punch on the other side is the result. Lydian Kings decided to design the coin as a roaring lion and the knob is termed as “nose wart”.

As we said before the coin is mixed with 40% of silver, gold and copper. And the Silver-Gold mixture is “Electrum”. The electrum is made with 55% Gold, 45% Silver & 1-2% Copper. They will randomly choose one design for the coin and the other side is punch impression. It was otherwise known as Bimetallic Currency. And it was the first coin with the combination of Gold and Silver made by the ancients. They only decided to develop a mixture of those metals. The Lydian Kings are the one who stamped their country badge on the coin. The coin will be valued by the authorities by checking its quality and quantity. The Greek art has figured out the lion’s head which fits into the rectangular frame.

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