Stock Up on Your Control Supplies: Live Without Worries

Control supplies are here for a reason. We experience living in a very good environment wherever we go. At home or in the office. Even at the mall. And you know what? It’s all thanks to the control supplies.

Listed below are just some of the supplies that are proven to be useful for our everyday lives.

Control Valves

This device is a valve that is able to control the flow of the fluid. The size of the opening varies depending on the passage flow. It is dictated by a signal that comes from the controller. This allows for the direct control of the rate of the flow and the resulting control of process quantities like liquid, pressure, and temperature.

The control valve is also called the “final control element” in the automatic control terminology.

Valve Actuator

This device is made for the opening and closing of the valve. Valves that are operated manually need some attendance to be able to adjust them with the help of an attached mechanism, that is direct or geared to the stem of the valve. Meanwhile, actuators that are power-operated (such as using the gas pressure, and electricity or hydraulic pressure) allows remote adjustment of the valves, or also the large valve’s rapid orientation.

Damper Actuators

This device is powered to operate dampers and modify the flow of the smoke and air. The two basic types are: electric and pneumatic. The electric damper actuators’ outputs are different in terms of output. The choices include 0 to 12 VDC, 2 to 10 VDC, and 4-20 mA. Meanwhile, the pneumatic damper actuators’ start points are measured with the formula pounds per square inch (psi).


This is a device, machine, module, or subsystem. The purpose of this device to be able to sense or detect events or changes in the environment around it. It would then send information to the other electronics, typically the computer processor. The sensor is always paired up with other electronics.


This device allows the HVAC controls to cover a wider area.


This device enables you to monitor your HVAC system.

Variable Frequency Drives

This device manages the HVAC systems. The speed drive can be modified, allowing itself to assist powering the varying speeds and torque in the motor of an air conditioner.

With these devices listed above, we must keep in mind that these are essential in making sure that your HVAC needs are well taken cared for.

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