The yuletide season is just around the corner. We can already hear carols almost everywhere we go. From big malls to even the nearby little store. Most of us get that nostalgic feeling when we hear Christmas songs. Hearing music results in different reactions. Our emotional reaction to music depends on our memories. Are you having difficulties choosing which songs you should put on your playlist? Here is a list of songs you should try out.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Bing Crosby)

Bing Crosby recorded this song in 1943. Many consider this as one of America’s most popular holiday songs. The song used the perspective of an active soldier during World War II. The melody lingers in our minds but the meaning is somber. The closing line indicates that being home for Christmas cannot happen yet. The GI magazine claimed that Crosby had done more for military morale than anyone else of that era. This song earned Crosby his fifth gold record. It definitely deserves a spot on a Christmas playlist in https://spotipromo.com/.

Last Christmas (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift ’s cover versions of Christmas songs featured in the Taylor Swift Holiday Collection. Two original tracks written by her are also included. Her version has a crisp and cheerful arrangement. It is suitably seasonal but still has her bright country-pop trademark. A new generation of teenagers discover this melancholic but melodic song because of her.

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