How to successfully complete the energy renovation of your home?

A too salty addition for heating, a boiler that is struggling to provide you hot water, insulated attics, and you’re cold … You have the impression that it is time to take stock of the energy performance of your house. How to proceed? With the help of which professionals? Our experts guide you to help you achieve this project

Why is it important to save energy in your home?

  • To reduce your consumption and therefore your electricity and heating bills.
  • To be eco-responsible, avoiding the waste of energy. For example, in a BBC (Low Consumption Building) certified new home, the overall energy consumption is less than 50 kWh of energy per year per m². It is particularly well-insulated, airtight, equipped with efficient and energy-efficient equipment.
  • To greatly enhance your thermal comfort, in winter as in summer, by improving the insulation of your house in particularHome Depot promo
  • Improve the quality of the air in your home. An effective VMC will prevent you, for example, moisture problems that can damage your home (mold); it will also remove pollutants emitted in your home and save you health concerns (coughs, irritation …) generated by a badly renewed air ( Volatile Organic Compounds, particles …).
  • Reinforce your acoustic comfort: increase the insulation of your walls, change your windows for double glazing, make the trunk shutters waterproof, isolate the attic, etc. All these changes will protect you from noise pollution from neighbors or road traffic.
  • To enhance your real estate wealth (in case you are considering a resale of your house in the short or medium-term. The Home Depot promo page is liked by many people.

Define the elements to integrate into your energy renovation works

An energy renovation project can – according to the specificities of your house and its geographical location – integrate a wide variety of operations.

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