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Five components of SEO that will boost your brand’s presence online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), have you ever heard of it? Well, for a lot of brands nowadays, one of the best ways to make their presence felt in the world of digital business is to have a strong foothold using Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO is mainly used to increase a website’s rankings based on the results provided by a search engine such as Google Chrome. The people behind SEO are digital marketers that provide digital solutions to businesses and other entities who are aiming to make their presence felt more on the browsers by improving their rankings based on the first page of results that the search engine provides.

If you are someone who has a business, you would totally appreciate the great positive effects in terms of traffic, leads, and prospective customers that will flood your website through SEO that will surely convert into revenue.

If you are not that familiar with the growing importance of SEO in businesses today, well, you are in the right post because discussed below are some of the most important aspects and components of SEO that will help your business grow in the digital platform courtesy of Comrade Web Agency.

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  1. Permalinks– It is the permanent URL of the site. This is where the keywords are used to generate leads by the SEO that will be utilized to optimize the site.
  2. Backlinks– It is the link that is provided by the main website that can be browsed through the provided URL. The more backlinks a website has, it creates a bigger chance for the site to increase its rankings in the search engine.
  3. Website Meta Description– This is the hypertext markup language (HTML) description from the website that includes the keywords that will be used by the target audience or consumer to search for your site.
  4. H1 Tags– This is the large header of the site’s content. Meaning; this is the title of the site’s content. This is the primary keyword that appears in a search engine that is why it is essential to optimize the closest keywords related to the site’s content and other significant things that can be used as a way that can help optimize the site’s presence in a search engine.
  5. Keyword Density– is the number of times that the keyword was used by the audience to search your site on the search engine. It is important to mention the keywords aside from other components and the entire body of the site’s content. This is also the time to use synonymous keywords that will be linked to your site’s content.
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