Discuss the different roles played by the National police towards society.

Police play a very important role to maintain the laws in society. In both, the democratic and king ruled countries police have several powers to control anti-social activities. During the recruitment of the police, the candidate has to meet the pre-made parameters. Their physical as well as mental fitness matters a lot in this job. They have to be ready for the challenges facing them all the time. These challenges can come in any form before them like political, social, crime investigation, and much more. It is their duty to investigate the crime scene and find out the right criminal. The National Police Association is dynamic groups that can control any kind of situation in our society. They first try to control the situation with healthy talks and if found fruitless they have the power to understand the anti-social activist forcefully. A country has many states and each of them has its police force. Responsibility of every area of ​​the city is at some police station. All the operations that take place in them are the responsibility of the police station inside the area. The helpline number is also given by the government to call police on which 24-hour service is provided. When a person finds himself in a trouble, he can call the police anytime anywhere. The police play variant roles for our society and Nation which we often see according to the situations.

law enforcement agencies

  1. Acts as a saver: When someone gets into any kind of difficulty police act as a saver for them. From domestic violence to an accident on a road, they protect the lives of citizens.
  2. Defender of law: In other words, we also call the police law defenders. Keeping the laws of the country properly implemented and punishing those who break them is one of the many roles of the police.
  3. Acts as an instructor: Whenever a country needs the contribution of its citizens in any situation like an epidemic, flood, earthquake, etc. they act as an instructor and aware the people from the upcoming conditions.

Conclusion: A single police organization played many roles in their society. They are good for sincere citizens and strict for anti-social elements. They use them in legal situations and do a duty to keep us safe all the time. Police are the strongest organization of each country with having the latest weapons.

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