Checklist for the used cars

Buying a car is always a special occasion for anyone. When you are purchasing a used car, it is a must that you do step by step check, so that you can understand the condition of the car. Such checks will help you to avoid huge repair bills in near future. Nowadays you can find many dealers of used cars one among them is theĀ used cars in Montclair. From wherever you buy the used car complete check is essential. Below are the lists of things that must conduct while purchasing a used car.

  • Exterior inspection: The first thing you should do is take a walk around the car and look for the exteriors. The things which you should look for are dents, scratches, and paint. Check if there are any uneven gaps, this could be because of not assembled correctly at the manufacturer or when repaired was not in the right way. Also, check the rubber around the doors if there is any tear.
  • Check glass panel: The next thing to check is the glass, have a look at the car window glass and the on the windscreen if there is a crack because even a small crack will turn into an expense.
  • Check the suspension: Make sure you push each corner of the car and see if it gets backs to its original position. If it is moved for a long time that means the shock observers are not in good condition.

  • Check light and tire: Check all the different lights available in the car and make sure you check all the tires. The first thing is that all the tires should be of the same company and see if there is a difference between the two tries of one side if yes then that means the owner is not a good driver and it was used very rashly.
  • Check the engine: It is the most critical part of the car, it would be great if you take a mechanic along with you because they will have knowledge about it and will give you a genuine report.


Finally, take the car for a test drive and make the final decision only after completing all the above-mentioned checks.

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