Are You Aware Of Ted Farnsworth?

The business has changed the world and opened new opportunities for all individuals. So many people have now turned into an entrepreneur and are transforming the world. Ted Farnsworth is a businessman with a huge name in the entertainment industry. He is a financer, consummate disrupter, and film producer who has turned the entire industry into a whole new place for big opportunities. He has had a 35-year long career and has built some of the most successful companies, including Zash Entertainment, former Moviepass chairman and has an empire all by himself. Besides, his interests lie in providing strategic development, marketing, consumer behaviour guidance, keeping the company well.

About his companies

  • Fortress entertainment: being an executive producer, Ted has accomplished his work in various major movies, including John Travolta and the flick 10 minutes gone. He did a three-movie deal in 2020 with Damascus Productions with a huge and growing audience base that expertise in family movies that give a friendly message. The next movies he is working on show World War II and the Holocaust and portray the message of courage, triumph and resilience within a human spirit. The movie will depict a true story of a soldier in the Philippines who evade the capture of the Japanese people.

ted farnsworth moviepass

  • Moviepass: Ted started the movie in 2017 when his company named Helios and Matheson Analytics, captured a subscription service by the name of Moviepass. With the company growing, he worked on a unique pricing model where the monthly subscription fee was lowered to $9.99 from a massive $50 where the individuals can watch unlimited movies in a day. Ted knew about the audience and worked on bringing the theatres back to life by right incentives and allures to attract as many people as possible. There were more than 1 million subscribers in the first month itself.

Besides, Ted Farnsworth is active on his social media platforms and is always ready to connect with his followers and answer their questions. From Snapchat, Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, all his handles are all mentioned online, where he gives daily updates on his accomplishments and works in front of a huge following. Of course, the individual has to submit his name, email address, and the message for him, and he is happy to reply as soon as possible.

Thus, he is among the most successful and growing entrepreneurs of the world and has experienced good fortune in almost all projects.

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