What Are Flea And Tick Collars For Furry Friends?

Fleas and ticks are small parasites that live mainly on our pets’ body and other than irritation, they might be the cause of many health problems. They can be transferred from one pet to others and possibly to humans too. The types of fleas and ticks might vary seasonally and yearly.

These parasites can even kill the pet by spreading dangerous diseases like rocky mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, or allergies. To get rid of these parasites, people do various remedies like medicines, injections, and so much. But the most effective and safe remedy to get rid of fleas and ticks is to buy from DEWELPRO.

How can we differentiate between a flea and a tick? 

If we talk about fleas, they don’t have wings and can jump with the help of their legs. They have six legs and can cause allergies. On the other side, ticks have 6-8 legs and can spread deadly diseases such as Lyme disease or rocky mountain spotted fever.

We can easily differentiate them by just seeing. These parasites are hard to remove from the body surfaces.

a flea and a tick

What’s the most effective and easy way to get rid of fleas and ticks? 

Medicines and injections are effective remedies, but they might cause allergies to some pets and can sometimes lead to death. Medication named Bravecto is so powerful that one dose of medicine is able to kill fleas and ticks for three months. But many pet owners have reported that the use of Bravecto killed their pets.

So to be on the safe side, according to our knowledge, buying flea and tick collars for furry friends is the most effective and safe solution. One collar can be used for eight months effectively and has zero side effects.

Why should we buy a flea and tick collar?

These colors are recommended by the veterinarian and have a number of benefits:

  • It is a 100% natural solution.
  • It is totally effective; try it once, and you’ll see the difference.
  • You don’t need to replace the collar again and again.
  • Once you have put the collar on the pet, after 48 hours, all the fleas and ticks will be dead.
  • The collar is adjustable and water-resistant.
  • The best thing is it’s affordable.
  • ● Your pet won’t even know, and boom, the problem is solved.
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