German Potato Pancakes – Most Loved Pancakes In The World

In the following article, you will know about the German potato pancakes and the recipe you can follow to make this delicious food at your home. Please read this article with utmost attention as it is one of Germany’s loved dishes that you can enjoy with a cold beer.

Do you also love to eat delicious food from different countries sitting at your home? After the lockdown, everyone becomes like a chef with their taste but have you ever tried the fried grated potatoes. It is one of the delicious food in the world because it is golden from the outside, a little crispy from the inner layer, and fluffy in the interior part so that when it comes into your mouth, it melts down. They are often called the German potato pancakes or kartoffelpuffer, and you can easily have them on the local’s streets of beer garden menus of Germany.

Recipe of the potato pancakes

It is one of Germany’s magical dishes that looks tastes similar to the latkes, but the difference is that you don’t need to boil the vegetable or need to add baking soda to it. For this potato pancake, you need to have onion, garlic, egg, and, most importantly, the potato. The steps you need to follow for making the potato pancakes are as follows;

  • In the first step, you need to grate the onion and vegetables. Do not shred them because it will make them even fluffier.
  • After the grating part, you need to squeeze out all the water from the potato by pressing it with your hands. You can add some flour to it to have a tackier texture, as it will help you get the best texture of the potato pancakes.
  • Now, add the cake to the pan and stir it up until you get the texture. The flour will help the cake not breakdown and give you a crispier golden crust.

You can even add the cheese or bacon according to your taste, but it destroys the classic taste of the dish you want to enjoy.

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