Are Bee Important and The reasons for it?

Bee propolis was known so many years before but the research is yet not over. Propolis is the bee product that is derived from bees for treating diseases. These are resins to protect the environment with bee sting allergies becoming so much helpful to mankind. With bees propolis, the bees are protecting their hives from parasites, molds, or any bacteria that can harm the beehives. Apitherapy is the study of the importance of honey that has become popular in recent times.

Is all propolis good?

The propolis that you get should not be having any heavy metals or pesticides or else it will not be good. The method of harvesting is so important requiring specialized knowledge for the same. The parasite is named Varroa destructor keeping the bee fighters in separate ways. They someone is using chemical products in the honey, then you will come to know of it. While buying propolis, you have to be so much careful. Buy it from the beekeeper whom you trust.

Benefits of bee propolis

bee sting therapy

  1. Fighting against pain

Bee propolis is so good against fighting pains and bee sting allergies. It works for lower back pain, and if you put propolis on your gum, it will clean it too. It can be used in the place of the stitch while surgery.

  1. Beneficial effect on the skin

Many bee propolis skincare products are available in creams, lotions, etc. It can treat acne, inflammation, and when it comes to treating hair problems caused by bacteria, it helps in treating that too.

Propolis is soluble only in alcohol. But since alcohol is dangerous at times, you find it in powder form also. The powder can be a combination of kinds of honey to creams. Use it for an effective way of treating your skin and health.

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