The 90-Day Fascia Blasting Challenge

Is it possible to reduce cellulite? Is it possible to treat pain? These questions can be answered by doing fascia blasting. If you are wondering what fascia blasting is all about, learn it here. Fascia is the connective tissue’s sheath that supports and surrounds the bones, internal organs, and muscles. When feeling cramped and stiff, it is a cause of sitting in a long period. Sitting or lying in the same position may cause pain, and flexible fascia is liable to blame. Fascia can be stuck due to inactivity which causes discomfort. For many years, a certain therapy called Rolfing is applied to ease pain or posture problem. This is a therapy which a deep tissue system manipulation aiming to restructure the fascia. Plus, therapy like massaging also reduces any sort of paint.

fascia blasting work

Does fascia blasting work?

Fascia blasting is a sophisticated method that involves an advanced device called fasciablaster. The device is a white plastic wand with an attached claw-like for rubbing on the skin. It will be rubbed on the painful area for 5 – 20 minutes. There has been no scientific study released how the device is effective. But, Ashley Black, the inventor of the device can tell how it effectively eliminates pain and lessen cellulite appearance. Plus, what makes it the best? It can effectively eliminate cellulite. With the adhesion of fascia, it forces up the fat and pulls the skin down that causes dimples and dents. So, once the fascia lays flat, so as with the fat. Fascia blasting has been applied by Ashley and promoted the fascia blasting device in the market today.

Natural cellulite treatment

With many kinds of cellulite treatment, you would fall into several types such as creams, lotions, food supplements, and more. But, Not all of these products are proven effective. It only gives you the guarantee of “hoping”. You hope for a better result for a few days, weeks, and even months. However, you could not see any result even a few days of application. Now, there is a natural cellulite treatment that gives you no hope but a result. Using the fascia blasting device, you could see a result after 90 days of using. This is the reason why it is called a 90-day challenge. You will be using the fasciablaster for a maximum of 3 months. At the end of the day challenge, you will never regret spending an effort to use the latest device.

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