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How Your Home Affects Your Well-Being

Home is everyone’s haven and a refuge from the real world. It provides more than a shelter from different weathers and protection from any external danger.

However, do you know that your home influences your well-being more than you ever thought?

Below are the parts of your house and how they affect your mental health and your emotional well-being.

The View

It’s all about nature. According to psychologists, green is good. Green scenery lessens mental exhaustion and expands the capacity to focus. Roses give you renewed energy. Blue color (water) provides a sense of calmness.  If you live in an urban area, you can place houseplants into your home.

The Ceiling

Higher ceilings obviously make you feel more liberated. Elevated rooms are perfect for empowering abstract thinking, while lower ceilings are ideal when you have to concentrate on detail-oriented tasks. The truth is, it’s not the actual room height that has the effect, but rather your view of it. So in case you’re an innovative kind searching for motivation, you should consider the lighting or contract a painter.

The Light (Lighting)

Less exposure to sunlight can disturb your circadian rhythms. Spending more time in a dimly lighted house will give you an effect like that of a jet lag.  Dozing off in a dark room levels up melatonin, a hormone that plays a role in sleep. So if you want to sleep during the day, close your curtains and turn off the lights.

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The Objects

Too many objects inside the house is a source of stress. Choose only the objects that you love to display. Too much decoration is disturbing as well. According to some research, unrestricted spaces are beneficial to mental health.

The Shapes

Pointy corners of furniture are risky for little kids. These sharp edges are as yet seen as perilous, making it hard for you to unwind in a room. Put some curves into your home like hanging a round mirror.

The Colors

Color psychology says that the different colors can s can bring out amazing, enthusiastic reactions in individuals. For instance, quiet blues and greens are favored for brightening enormous spans. White will make a little space look bigger, yet it’s best supplemented with a sprinkle of more grounded shading to shield it from appearing to be excessively bland.

Do you already have the home that contributes to your entire well-being? Lake County Homes For Sale has a lot to offer. Provide yourself and your family a home that can help improving yourself, making it more conducive to positive mental health.

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